Senior Protection Program & Financial Abuse Specialist Team

Financial abuse is the fastest growing and least reported form of abuse. Our Senior Protection Program provides education and empowerment to help you recognize and guard yourself against financial exploitation.

The Senior Protection Program (SPP) provides educational seminars on abuse targeting older adults and adults with disabilities.
SPP is proud to be part of a multidisciplinary team known as the Financial Abuse Specialist Team (FAST). FAST members serve as volunteer advisors offering information in the areas of law, criminal investigation, civil litigation, guardianship, fiduciary matters, banking and accounting, real estate, insurance, and senior services.
FAST assists Adult Protective Services (APS), the Ombudsmen, law enforcement and attorneys in resolving complicated matters of abuse.
Individuals Reached Through
Community Education
Information Distributed
Volunteer Case Hours

Elder Fraud and Financial Exploitation Resources

Elder fraud is an act targeting older adults in which attempts are made to deceive with promises of goods, services, or financial benefits that do not exist, were never intended to be provided, or were misrepresented. Financial exploitation is the illegal or improper use of an older adult’s funds or property.

Learn how to spot current frauds and how to recover with the resources below:

Abuse Prevention, Reporting and Recovery Guide
How to Spot Fraud and Report It

Are You Vulnerable to Financial Abuse?

Financial abuse occurs when someone improperly uses another persons’ money or property. If you suspect that you or someone you know is being financially abused, REPORT IT!!

Do you need guidance or have a speaker inquiry?

Our seminars are offered at no cost to the public and other professionals. We cover a variety of issues including: How to Spot Abuse, Identifying Scams and Preventing Financial Exploitation, Medicare Fraud, Capacity and Abuse, Powers of Attorney, Advance Healthcare Directives, and Estate Planning for Asset Protection.
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The Senior Protection Program and Financial Abuse Specialist Team are funded by the Office on Aging.